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Weight Management Group (WMG)supports people who want to change or maintain their body size.

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The Weight Management Group currently meets in San Diego at Vision Center for Spiritual Living.  Click here for details.

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Let Me Tell You About Betty

Betty Brink has lived her life in many different stages, wearing many different hats. She attended 3 separate colleges, and was eventually awarded an MBA on her 40th birthday. She has lived in four different states and, in her own words, has "worked every job in the history of man, except the oldest profession." She loves reading, writing, making soap, making lotion, cooking, playing music and singing. Currently, she's living the dream, feasting on each and every now moment in southern California.

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Betty Brink

Betty is living the dream, feasting on each and every 'now' moment in Southern California.

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  • Soap

    A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being asked to write a guest blog for my friend Indy Quillen.  I was introduced to Indy through a mutual friend of ours, also a writer, Ann Young.  Indy had seen from my website that I make my own soap and she wanted me to write something for the DIY section of her blog. You can read the guest blog here.

  • Traffic LightWe are standing in the middle of the street, gathered together to march for women’s rights, for human rights, and compassion.  The street light changes from green to yellow to red, oblivious to the fact that there is no traffic to control, oblivious to what is happening all around it. 

    We have been stopped, but not by the red light.  We have been stopped by the status quo, by the powerful, the rich, the ones who outvoted us, by life.  We have each made our little contribution in the microcosm of our world, feeling powerless to do any more.

  • Dawn 1

    As I sat down at my desk to write today, I went through some of the files in my blog folder and the title of this file stood out to me, “Morning Thoughts.”  I thought it might be one of the files I use to do a mind dump in the morning, to clear out all the busy-ness of my mind and let it settle into focus for writing a blog.  When I opened the file this is what I found.

  • Mental Gymnastics“Another mental exercise is the counting game.  How much have I had today?  How much can I still have?  Which foods on the list are still available to me?  I didn't eat that item yesterday, so maybe I can have two of them today.  If I save up enough points all week, I can have two-thirds of an ounce of birthday cake at the party tomorrow.  All the while, the focus of attention is on food.”

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