Intuitive Readings from Duncan

The information I have received from Duncan has been tremendously helpful in my life, particularly in helping me with difficult relationships. I have explored numerous past lives for myself and for others.

Duncan always leaves you with the final say in your choices. While they may give information that is helpful to you in making a decision, they will seldom, if ever, directly tell you what to do.

Notes from Betty & Duncan

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Meet Duncan

I understand Duncan to be a group of souls who used to incarnate on the physical plane. They have advanced in their learning to the level in which they do not have to reincarnate anymore. On their plane, one of their jobs is to teach. So, they communicate with people on the physical plane in order to offer information that is helpful in our lives. One of the names of one of the souls in one of their incarnations was Duncan.

The information I have received from Duncan has been tremendously helpful in my life, particularly in helping me with difficult relationships. I have explored numerous past lives for myself and for others.

I have always felt loving energy from Duncan, never fear or darkness. Duncan always leaves you with your own choice, and very seldom gives specific advice as to what to do. You may ask any question you want, however, I get very few future predictions because Duncan explains that the future is dependent on choices we each make every moment of every day, therefore is changeable. In the case where so much as been set in motion by a large number of people that the outcome is pretty much assured, a prediction might be made.

​Channeled by Betty Brink

Please remember that I am a channel in this process. While I try to give the information as purely as I get it, I necessarily filter it through my own experience. Most often, if something you receive is wrong or somehow ‘off’, it is my filter rather than the information that is in error.

The material provided in this reading is for informational purposes only. It is never intended as a substitute for advice or guidance that could or should be provided by a licensed professional such as a doctor, therapist, or any other trained professional. I do not bear any responsibility for any action taken by the client with regard to the information contained in this reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been reading?

I got in touch with my spirit guide in 1993. At first, I was only looking for help with my personal relationships. I began reading for the public in 1995, and have done so off and on since then. Now that I’m retired from the corporate world, I choose to do only those things that bring me joy. The loving, joyful, and playful energy that comes through is delightful and I love seeing my clients respond with smiles and laughter.

What kind of reading do you do?

I do a form of automatic writing. Instead of using pen and paper, I type out the messages I receive from my spirit guide. You get a copy of your reading by email afterward.

What kind of information do you typically get for people?

Usually, I get information that helps people improve their lives and relationships. This is a spiritual reading, in that we go into some of the deeper questions people have. Although no question is off limits, it is not typically a fortune telling or future prediction type of reading. If you are interested in past lives, or if my guide feels past life information could help with your situation, that will definitely come through.

What are typical questions people often ask during a reading?
  1. Is there a spirit guide available to me for my highest good? If so, what is your name?
  2. Is there anyone who has transitioned who wants to speak to me? What do they want to tell me?
  3. I’m trying to make a choice between ____________ and ____________. Is one choice better for me than another? Should I avoid one of these choices?
  4. What can I do to improve my health?
  5. Is there a past life that is affecting me in this life? What can you tell me about that life and how can knowing about it help me now?
  6. I’m having trouble with _____________ [friend/relative/coworker/neighbor]. Is there anything I can do to ease the conflict or tension between us? What is the best way to approach them?
  7. Is there anything I need to know right now? What am I not asking that would be helpful for me to know?
How often can I get a reading from you?

My guide tells me that it’s usually good to allow at least 2 months between readings.  It is unusual that things would change so much in a short period of time that it would be helpful to have readings more frequently than that.

How do I schedule a reading with you?

Please contact me by phone, 619-354-6257, or email, Once we have talked or emailed a bit about how you found me and what you’re looking for in a reading, I can send you a link to available times on my calendar or schedule with you over the phone.

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